Andrew Clemente

Andrew Clemente

27 year old designer, developer, and entrepreneur from Rhode Island. 12 years experience building killer sites and making things work. Supporting live music & craft beer.


Part time designer, part time photographer. Explore my photography portfolio or follow @vizuls on Instagram.


Looking for Market Theme? Previously this was the home of my experimental testing grounds. This is no longer the case, and if you were looking for the demo of the Market Theme for WordPress you may want to try the Market Theme Official Homepage.

Looking for something else, like maybe how to hire me? Check out what was involved in the Market Theme project development process instead in this case study.

For Existing Market Theme Customers

For Existing Market Theme Customers: If you are currently using one of the original versions of Market Theme, please open the /js/FancyZoom.js file. Find the following line and edit it or remove it to prevent my server from being taxed. Thank you!

var zoomImagesURI = ''; // Location of the zoom and shadow images

To This…

var zoomImagesURI = '.../wp-content/themes/market/zoom/'; // Location of the zoom and shadow images