Andrew Clemente

Art In Ice

July 2010

Art In Ice Project Image

Art in Ice was a project I took over after the original agency behind the project disappeared on the client. I made a host of tweaks and improvements to the design, as well as ported the whole project over from a custom CMS to WordPress. This allowed the Art in Ice team to update the site on the fly and have much more control then they had previously. NextGen Image Gallery was used to separate images in respective galleries based on the project type.

Since Art in Ice deals with ice carvings for special events, especially weddings, they wanted that area of the site to have a more feminine touch. I put conditional checks in place to determine if the visitor was on the weddings page, and if they were the background and logo would switch from the ‘icy blue’ to a vibrant pink. The changes blended seamlessly for a cohesive user experience.