Andrew Clemente

Lacey Caroline

November 2013

Lacey Caroline Project Image

Lacey Caroline is a singer/songwriter from New Jersey who I have worked with since 2011 on a number of site revisions, iTunes artwork, and print work. With the release of her debut EP Songbird in October, we decided it was time to give a site her a major overhaul. As she begins work on a full length, it was increasingly important to put together a site that would stand out to potential higher-ups in the music industry. The result was a main landing page complete with a bio, blog and twitter feeds, as well as recent videos.

Lacey requested the site to be easier to navigate and easier to manage. By going with essentially a one-page site it creates a streamlined user-experience and allows Lacey to spend more time in the studio writing songs and less time worrying about if her page content is up to date. Since she had many great promo shots from past releases, I wanted to highlight these with full width and height containers and background images to be visually appealing and engaging. Also shown below is previous poster and iTunes artwork for past singles.