Common Cause Design & Dev

August 2018 - Today

I have worked with Common Cause since 2018 on a range of projects related to voting rights and transparency in government. Most are a hybrid of design and development, while maintaining a base look and feel that aligns with existing Common Cause branding. Projects have included The Democracy Scorecard, Defend Our Constitution, The Impeachment Inquiry, Our Democracy 2020 & 2022, Safe Voting Now, and Protect the Vote. Many have leveraged external APIs including Google Places, Google Civic, TargetSmart, and Zapier.

These projects serve as valuable tools for activists in the challenging task of protecting democracy. In 2022 the Our Democracy project saw 342 responses from congressional and state candidates willing to go on the record on key issues, while tracking 2,405 candidates. Meanwhile the 2022 Protect the Vote project saw over 12k individuals volunteer for poll monitoring positions.

WordPress / PHP / CSS / Google APIs / Zapier / Photoshop