Andrew Clemente

30 year old designer, developer, & entrepreneur based in Rhode Island

I have been creating engaging web experiences for clients around the world since 2005.
Currently UI/UX designer @eMoney. Formerly lead web @NorthSails and @Worldways.


I have split my 15+ years of experience across freelance projects, contract gigs, and full-time positions. In 2018 the majority of outside projects consisted of contract work for ActBlue and Common Cause microsites. Additional and more recent work samples from past and current full-time roles can be provided by request.


Since the fall of 2017 I have served as a consultant for ActBlue, assisting with overflow web projects including building the annual end of year report – a dynamic one pager built on WordPress for ultimate flexibility with rearranging data sections. Additional work completed on other AB projects.


Crafted a modern design and architecture for one of the largest and most popular beer review apps available for both iOS and Android. Included use of Photoshop and Sketch for UI design. Fully layered artboards handed to the BrewGene team for further development.

North Sails

A multilingual WordPress powered website serving a global audience of over 1.5mm pageviews/year, as well as dynamic eCommerce for 1,000+ products with over 30 different price regions. Additional tasks included SEO, content management, UI/UX optimization, server management (CentOS/WHM/cPanel) and Salesforce management and integration.